Is there a plan?


Here’s the TL;DR version:

  • We need to do some repairs. The Australian server was upgraded in July, but we are still looking at a major upgrade to the WordPress implementation that runs all the websites on it.
  • We want to recruit more helpers. Not hard-core programmers, just people who understand how to use the tools like Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and Discord that we rely on so much.
  • Our existing tools can be improved. We already have systems for the registry, canon lore, the roll of arms, scribes, and authorisations – but most of them don’t talk to each other.  We will be doing a round of improvements and extensions.
  • We might be able to move away from running our own dedicated systems, and start using open-source systems instead. The benefits would be significant if we could do that – but the costs and efforts might be even more significant.  So we’re going to look very carefully before we commit ourselves.

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