Service Funding

How the SCA Australia and New Zealand servers are funded:

Hosting of Lochac servers has changed over time. The old system was based on population in each country. Kingdom paid half (from Kingdom Levy and Kingdom events) and the corporates paid half, split between them based on membership (paid out of membership fees). When this first started, 4:1 was about right.

Today, Kingdom continues to pay half. AU and NZ then split the bill based on the adult members in each country on June 30 (or near enough) rounded to the nearest 10%. This date was chosen as it was about this time when the calculation change was made. The annual adjustments accommodate the changes in proportion without creating an excessive workload for the exchequer. The proportions are based on adult memberships because minor memberships are close to mandatory in AU and rare in NZ.

Until the current virtual hosting service was established, small ex-gratia payments had been made to acknowledge the support provided by those who host the two servers (one AU based, one NZ based). Now, that the AU server has migrated to a hosted virtual machine, the payments cover commercial virtual hosting (at a discounted not-for-profit rate), and the ex-gratia payment to cover the other server continues.