eMail and mail forwarding

Mail services

There are email accounts which are hosted on the Lochac server. These are reserved largely for Greater Kingdom Officers. For the remaining officers, including group officers, a mail forwarding service is provided.

Hosted mail

Mail that is hosted on the Lochac servers can be accessed directly using Squirrelmail or by using another account to collect the mail. If you have any queries about how to do this, or need assistance with a password reset, please Ask Masonry.

Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding where it has been set up can be added, deleted and updated by the group Seneschal using the Seneschal’s database. These email addresses are generally of the form <role>@<group>

For kingdom level email addresses, these can be updated by the Masonry team.

If your group does not have any email forwarding facilities and would like this set up, please Ask Masonry.


Any accounts which have FTP access will have an email account, and may possibly be a hosted email account, or may be forwarded using a .forward file. The advantage of a .forward file over the Seneschal’s database is that it can be used to forward to multiple addresses as a substitute for a short unmanaged mailing list.