Our system makes regular backups of important files as protection against system failures and accidental modification. These backups are mainly intended for the use of the server management team and may or may not be suitable for restoring misplaced personal files. We recommend making your own off-line backups of any personal material that you’d like to protect. That said, if something does go wrong and a file needs to be resurrected, please Ask Masonry.

Local Backups

Mailboxes, web site code and server configuration are backed up at the beginning of every month. The backup is updated every week until the end of the month, when it is replaced by a new backup.

Databases are backed up every week, with each backup kept for two weeks.

We occasionally make off-line copies of the above backups, usually before major upgrades, and keep them indefinitely. If you are looking for historical material that no longer exists on the server, we may be able to find it on one of these backups, but we make no guarantees.

Hosting Backups

The Australian hosting provider, Web24, makes a daily backup of the entire server and keeps each backup for fourteen days. Masonry can ask Web24 to restore files from this backup if necessary but this should be considered only as a last resort.