Web sites and services

Web services

The Lochac-AU and Lochac-NZ servers hosts a number of web services. These communicate information about groups including Cantons, Baronies and the Kingdom itself, as well as sites dedicated to providing information about Guilds and Peerages. Additionally, the server hosts sites with information relating to Kingdom Officers and details such as the running of the Kingdom. Finally, there are a few hosted sites set up specifically for very large annual events such as Rowany Festival

Technologies used

Most of the web pages hosted on the Lochac-AU server are run using WordPress. There are still some legacy sites that had the content updated via FTP. There are of course exceptions to this. Most of the Lochac-NZ sites use Drupal.

WordPress is open source, with documentation available online. Similarly, Drupal is also open source with documentation available online.

Updating content

If you are a Webminister in Lochac, you might also want look at the Lochac Webwright pages for policies and the list to subscribe to talk to the rest of the Webminister community.

The wordpress sites have a number of plugins available for use. These can be discussed on the Webright’s list.

If you have technical difficulties accessing your site, or have any technical questions or hosting questions, please feel free to Ask Masonry.