Email client setup instructions

Any software that you use to read your email will be able to link to more than one account, whether it is on your phone or a PC or tablet.  This means that, if you are currently using Gmail to read email sent to you at, you can also access the mail sent to you at in the same place.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do your job.

Some of this is outside of our control.  Microsoft, Google and Apple are changing their products all the time – which means that the step-by-step instructions you see here might need tweaking, if they update something.  (And we really can’t offer instructions for Outlook 365, Outlook 2016, and every other version of Outlook that Microsoft have ever released, just because you might be running old software).  If you find that any of these guides don’t match your experience when you set up your mail, please let us know, so that we can update them.  But don’t give up, just because something looks different – the fundamentals should still work.


The essential information for all e-mail clients is:

IMAP (incoming) server, port 143
SMTP (outgoing) server, port 587
Username your full e-mail address, e.g.
Password the password supplied by Masonry

Instructions for specific e-mail software follow.


Google provide apps to access your mail on Android or Apple phone and tablets, as well as their website at  All of these are called Gmail, but they aren’t quite the same as each other.

Gmail on an Android phone

The Android version of Gmail works perfectly with Lochac mail, and the setup process automatically works out the necessary settings.  All you have to do is tell it your email address and password.  Here is a complete set of instructions.Setting up an SCA mail account using the Gmail app on an Android phone

Gmail Website

The Gmail website works with other mail accounts, including Lochac mail, but it has one limitation.  It will let you receive and send email from your Lochac address, but the messages you send are not copied back onto our server. (At least, not at the moment.  Google have changed this a couple of times, and it could change again.  The limitation is at their end.)  The process of setting up a second mail account on the website is a bit klunky, but here are the instructions.  Gmail and SCA mail-2019

Gmail on an Apple device

The Apple version of Gmail on an iPhone is basically just a shortcut to the Gmail website.  Use the website instructions above to link your account, and you should find it on your iPhone when you next open the app.

Apple mail

Here is a detailed set of instructions – but just follow the bouncing ball.  It should work with no problems.


These instructions are correct as at September 2019: Lochac mail setup in Outlook-2019

Microsoft Mail

These instructions are correct as at September 2019: Adding a Lochac mail account to Microsoft Mail