E-mail and mail forwarding

Mail services

Lochac is able to provide email accounts for officers of any group, guild or order.  These can be either fully-functioning accounts, letting you send and receive mail and preserve an archive for your successor… or email aliases that forward mail to your personal address.

Full mail accounts

If you are an officer of a group, or the secretary of a guild or order, then you should have a full mail account set up.  This will mean that the messages you send and receive are archived on our mail servers, and your successor in the office has access to that history.  We provide a basic web interface to access you mail at https://mail.lochac.sca.org, but you can use any email client that you like.  Products like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird will all work.  We have instructions on how to set up a new mail address in most of these available here.  If you have any queries about how to do this, or need assistance with a password reset, please Ask Masonry.

Mail forwarding

If you want to advertise a Lochac email address, but don’t need to be able to send replies or preserve an archive, then we can provide a forwarding address.  This is often the right solution for an event booking officer, for example.  These forwarding addresses can by set up by any group Seneschal using the Seneschal’s database (and if your group seneschal doesn’t know how to do it, they can ask masonry for help).  These email addresses are generally of the form <role>@<group>.lochac.sca.org

If your group does not have any email facilities and would like this set up, please Ask Masonry.

Special cases

If you need something unusual, we may be able to help.  For example, it is technically possible to make one email address forward copies to multiple people – and there are a couple of ways we can do it.  We can also create multiple aliases for one address, so that you can handle people who don’t know how to spell your office or group’s name (for example, defenceclerk@lochac.sca.org and defenseclerk@lochac.sca.org can both point to the same account, or seneschal@stjude.lochac.sca.org could be an alias for seneschal@saintjude.lochac.sca.org).

Email addresses ending in @sca.org.au and @sca.org.nz are reserved for officers of the Australian and New Zealand corporations, and can only be set up by the Masonry team.