Masonry Team

The Masonry team are SCA members with technical expertise who volunteer some of their spare time to keep Lochac technical services running.

The Masonry team are also honoured to be among the Order of the Pride of Lochac.

Masonry Deputy

Brían dorcha ua Conaill

This following lists are in no particular order. Any errors or omissions should be reported to the Masonry Team.

System Administrators

Ælfred se leof
Brían dorcha ua Conaill
Nicodemus Novello

New Zealand
William De Cameron
Llwellyn ap Daffyd


Ælfred se leof
Aeron Lasair
Bartholomew Baskin
Edmund Kerr
Karl Faustus von Aachen
Nicodemus Novello
Obbi illugi

Design, Documentation, Testing & Support

Adrienne Furet
Aveline Goupil
Bartholomew Baskin
Nicodemus Novello

WordPress Administrators

Sorle Maknicoll
Karl Faustus von Aachen

Discord Administrators

Amos Ironbeard
Bethan Daniels of Brockwood
Andrew Daniels of Brockwood
Drake Morgan


Etain ingen Choilien

Past Members

Diego Escobar
Madog Llwyd ap Madog
Johannes Kurz
William de Wyke
Delbert von Staßburg
Raoul of Buzz
Felicia ad Aquam