Goals and principles


  • To provide a suite of tools that help all officers to perform their duties, and all members to participate in the activities of the Kingdom.
  • To provide support to people using those tools.
  • To manage the provision and maintenance of those tools, so that they remain current, supported, and fit-for-purpose.
  • To provide advice to the officers and members of the kingdom on the most appropriate tools to use for a given task.


The needs of Lochac will be met by a number of different systems, each supporting one or several user needs – no single tool can do everything.

As far as possible, we should identify one tool for each purpose.  Multiple tools that do the same thing cause confusion among users, increase the learning required for people using the tools, and increase the support required to keep the systems running.

Reusing an existing system for an additional purpose is always the first option to be considered.  If that will not provide a fit-for-purpose solution, sourcing an existing product will be considered second.  Building bespoke systems will only be considered once the first two options are ruled out.

Not all tools will be run and managed by the Masonry team – in some cases, a publicly-available system will be the best tool for the job.  Where that is the case, Masonry will still provide support and coordination for Lochac’s use of the tool.

The Masonry team is responsible for eliciting requirements from users for the tools they need.  Sometimes users don’t fully understand what their requirements are, or the implications of what they are asking for – it is our job to help them work those things out.

The Masonry team has the authority to identify a preferred tool, based on the combination of user requirements provided and other factors relating to the support and management of different alternatives.

If there is a cost associated with a user requirement, the user is responsible for submitting a business case to the Kingdom, Board, Committee or their group council to secure funds.  Masonry don’t have any money of their own.