Server Status

Lochac Server

Service update (4-Feb-2015): Mailman upgraded to 2.1.18 AU & NZ. This was primarily to enable features on lists to help get around list bounce issues related to DMARC security.

Service Outage (Update 18-Jun-2015 Resolved)- Automatic population of Google calendar with events from the Seneschal’s database
Due to Google’s changes, the facility to automatically push event data from the Seneschal’s database in to the Google calendar is temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, the Lochac Weberight has graciously offered to be manually populate the calendar for events that are forwarded to him.

Lochac-AU hosting
Server hosting for the Lochac-AU server is done by Web24, and their service status page is here. This includes their scheduled outages, as well as updates on any unscheduled outages.